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We can offer the best rates from Central Florida to any Carribean Island, Key West, and North America.

So why not smile away your money saving miles with our experienced airline transport  licensed pilots and proven Turbo prop power at near jet speeds and up to 2,000 miles cruise range, depending on conditions?  Fly right, have money left.

We specialize in satisfied customers coming back for more!

Save money on Hotels, and fly with us to your favorite football game.

This months specials are $3,900 from Sanford to Nassau, $2,700 to Key West, $1,800 to Freeport, $2,700 to Marsh Harbor.

All prices do not include sale and segment tax, FBO fees.

Prices are per trip not per seat. Bring some friends and share the cost!!

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We are based at Sanford Orlando Airport for the Bahama busy season.